Control Room
Enhance your visuals and attention
Industry Requirement
Clearer data presentation
The best clarity affects the decision-making speed of managers, thus affecting the closed-loop of events
More lasting and stable operation
The full-time operation of the equipment is not only the standard configuration of modern life, but also the test of product stability
Simpler video-wall operation
Simple operation tests the logic of product design and affects the efficiency of dealing with emergencies
What UNV Offers
UNV display products has strong performance and stable operation, which will empower the control room and provide decision makers with the most timely data support.
Most timely data support for decision makers
Standard public display: LED 0.9mm pixel pitch presents excellent color and shade details.
Economic public display: 0.88mm LCD wall, still clear, still simple installation and operation.
Desktop monitoring with 7*24 stable operation
UNV 4K CCTV monitors ensure 7*24 stable operation and eye protection.
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